Thursday, May 5, 2011

SOL Help for Kids and Parents

Photo by Microsoft Office Online
If your child needs some help preparing for the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) tests, we have a few resources to offer. You can find information about test dates here.

Kaplan Parent's Guide to the Virginia SOL: Tests for Grade 3 by Cynthia and Drew Johnson is useful for preparing your child for taking the tests for the first time.

More useful are the released tests from the Virginia Department of Education. These released tests cover all subjects and grades tested. The most recent practice test is from last spring. Your child can practice previous tests in a relaxed environment and gain confidence.

If you have an Arlington Public Library card, you can access the Learning Express Library via our test prep research portal and set up a free account. There are reading and math practice tests for 4th and 5th graders, as well as for middle and high school students, and beyond. These aren't the SOL tests, but are good practice nonetheless.

Teachers and administrators say that it is most important that kids don't stress over these tests, that they get a good night's sleep, and eat a healthy breakfast as the best strategy for test-taking success.